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The Dip!: Resident Evil Village

I was hyped for this game since its initial reveal. But, my friends, hype from a reveal can be dangerous since it can be difficult for a game to live up to your imagination’s expectations — especially if your imagination is as wild as mine.

The Dip!: NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…

Wow. Having never indulged in the NieR series, I am really kicking myself now. Aside from a few “Oh, come on, I was just there” moments with the game’s side quests (which seem to be optional anyway), I really, really enjoyed the first couple of hours of Replicant.

With fluid, enjoyable combat, an interesting story, and some decent looking environments, this is without a doubt something I’ll be coming back to.


Here’s the full Dip in case you missed it!

P.S. I jumped back into NieR Replicant on a recent episode of ComputerTV Games, here’s the link!

The Dip!: New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is a relaxing game to kick back with and the portability of the Switch truly helps drive that point. I know I’m really looking forward to slouching in a hammock this summer and running through some of these beautiful areas, just snapping away.

What’s that? I just said I’d play it again so I spoiled the verdict!

That’s right: it’s visually pleasing, easy to get into, and a great way to unwind (unless you’re like me and the same Pokémon keeps giving you the slip!)


Here’s the full Dip in case you missed it!

For decades, I’ve been gaming alone. In secret. OK, maybe not in secret.

Though I haven’t really shared the joy I get from and passion I have for these virtual worlds with anyone since I was in middle school. That’s a long time.

Looks like I’ve bottled it up for…


Twitch streamer and occassional video game reviewer. I’m fun.

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